(360) 714-0870 (360) 714-0872 1616 Cornwall Ave Suite B Bellingham, Washington 98225
(360) 714-0870 (360) 714-0872 1616 Cornwall Ave Suite B Bellingham, Washington 98225

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Provide our expertise in injury evaluation to find out the cause of your pain or injury. Provide you the most advanced manual therapy, exercise, and rehabilitation techniques available with the most up to date and cutting-edge equipment so you can return faster and fully prepared for your active lifestyle.

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1616 Cornwall Avenue
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Is everything you know about back pain wrong?

A recent article from Physical Therapist, Kieran O’Sullivan, casts an expert eye over one of our most common health problems and challenges the strategies we use to manage it.

Some key takeaways from the article are listed in the infographic.

Link to article : qoo.ly/vgppg

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No snow day here. Open normal business hours at both locations today!

Photo is at our North Bellingham location.

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Today's #TreatmentTuesday gives you an example of an exercise program on how to treat Plantar Fasciitis from @RunningPhysio. Note that this is an EXAMPLE program as not all individuals are exactly the same. If you've been dealing with Plantar Fasciitis it might be time to have a PT assess you to create a plan tailored to your specific needs.

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The Johnson Running Matrix is a great running drill you can do indoors on this snowy day. #Drill formulated by Chris Johnson Zeren PT & Performance incorporating lateral toe tap, to high march, to diver. This would be a great addition to a resistance training regimen for runners. ...

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Avoid falls this winter by taking some hints from penguins on how to walk when it is icy.
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