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Best Core Workouts Bellingham

Many people think of the “core” as being only the abdominal muscles and when they think of the best core workouts Bellingham specialists could recommend, they imagine hundreds of crunches or hours of planks. The truth is, though, that your body’s “core” is made up of much more than just that six pack you want to achieve!

While we have no problem with those who’d like to flatten and tone their tummies to prepare for bathing suit weather, as a physical therapy practice, it is our job to educate our clients about whole body health and the best practices for minimizing the chance of injury in the future. One of our main priorities is to offer suggestions for the best core workouts Bellingham patients can do to maintain a strong body all around.

Why is this so important? Well, as we mentioned, a strengthened core can provide stability and health to the entire body, making it one of the most efficient focuses of sports medicine, rehabilitation and preventative care in general. Did you know that your core muscles run the entire length of your torso – from your neck all the way to your hips? And each of those muscle sets must be strengthened through the best core workouts Bellingham therapists have developed.

The Advantages of a Strong Core

  • Strong core muscles actually allow you to improve your posture, making it possible for you to stand upright and to be on your feet for longer periods of time if need be.
  • Nearly every movement of your body, including those of your extremeties, relies on your core to provide stability.
  • In order to simply bear and shift weight for basic activities, you must have the support of strong core muscles.

Perhaps the most important reason to to practice the best core workouts Bellingham can offer, is to protect your back. Chronic back pain and back injuries are common ailments and a strong core can actually prevent these and keep your back protected. For specific recommendations on core workouts to keep your whole body strong, call Performance PT today!

Best Core Workouts Bellingham

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