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Blaine Core Exercises From Performance Physical Therapy

Blaine core exercises can be fun and challenging and should be part of everyone’s typical workout sessions. Exercising your core is one of the greatest ways to keep your entire body fit and working together seamlessly. Your core muscles provide support for all the rest of your muscles in your entire body and so when they are not as strong as they could potentially be, your whole body is weaker. Your core muscles include many more muscles than just your abdominals, as some people may think. Muscles all throughout your chest and back, and even your arms and legs, are part of your core muscle group.

At Performance Physical Therapy, we’ve used some unique Blaine core exercises to help our patients gain back their strength while recovering from injury or surgery. These exercises are a great way for everyone to strengthen their core muscles, not just our patients and so we want to share them with you.  As a physical therapy center, we strive to help as many people as possible to achieve their goals when it comes to their body’s health. We incorporate blain core exercises into our workouts with patients because we know the importance of having strong muscles throughout your entire body.

Everyday tasks are dependent on maintaining strong core muscles and the core exercises in Blain, used by professionals at Performance Physical Therapy help do just that. Take for example engaging in a workout that combines side planks, double leg ab presses, crunches, quadrupeds and push ups. When you combine several, various Blaine core exercises, you can see and feel results in all of your core muscles in little time. Dedication and consistency is key when it comes to performing core exercises, just as they are with any other workout program. Be ready to sweat and challenge yourself and be ready to look and feel better fast!

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