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Affordable and Quality Blaine Orthopedic Services

Performance Physical Therapy has been providing quality Blaine orthopedic care since its beginning in February of 1997. Once the decision was made to put the patients first, before any profit or development, the practice has steadily grown. If you have an old injury or need help recovering from a surgery, consider coming for an evaluation and assessment. Our expert staff can help you decide what you need and how to accomplish it with orthopedic care. Our service is the only product we offer, so we strive to offer professional and effective service to all of our clients, no matter your physical condition or medical issue.

We see clients with all kinds of issues. Some of the common reasons you might consider seeing one of our physical therapists could include neck or lower back pain, pain after an injury, arthritis, the need for muscular rehabilitation, or even just a muscle sprain or strain. We help clients of all ages receive the best Blaine orthopedics around. Our therapists can help locate the source of your pain or discomfort and then suggest a plan to help alleviate your pain. Our commitment is to helping you feel and look better than before you came in.

Physical therapy is often recommended and prescribed to patients who have suffered some sort of injury or who are recovering from a variety of types of surgeries. It would be easy to skip out on the physical therapy aspect of your recovery. Maybe you think it will take too much time, or be too painful. We, along with your doctor, would encourage you to take the time to come in and have a consultation session. As experts, we can give you sound advice on how to recover and regain your strength. Contact us for more information or visit our website to find out more about our quality Blaine orthopedic services.

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