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Physical therapy is often misconstrued as only helpful for the elderly or those dealing with recuperating from several physical injuries or accidents. Though we do delight in serving our senior community as well as helping people recover from major surgeries or even car accidents, we serve a broader base of clients as well. We help athletes recover from and prevent injuries. We specialize in managing and treating women-specific physical issues, and orthopedic injuries. We also assist patients with spinal care issues or who are dealing with vestibular dysfunction. Our clients at our Blaine physical therapy center span a wide range of individuals of all ages and types.

If you are struggling to feel back to normal after a car accident, a fall, a minor sports injury, or even just in chronic pain, you might benefit from some of our physical therapy services. We help our patients retrain and strengthen their muscles so they can get back to the type of life they like to live. Our goals are quality care, client satisfaction, a quality product, and financial reasonability. We know physical therapy can prove to be an unexpected financial strain, so we work to make the services we offer as affordable as possible. If you’re interested in visiting the best of all the Blaine physical therapy centers, visit us soon.

Physical therapy is often covered by insurance, so before planning your Blaine physical therapy center appointment with us, call your insurance provider and see what kind of services are offered to you at no or little cost. We work with most major insurance carriers to benefit our client as much as possible. With the mission of building up your body, providing a great place  of employment for our employees, and pursuing integrity, we think you will feel right at home here. Our therapy is recognized in the community as professional and efficient.


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