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The rehabilitation services provided at Performance Physical Therapy’s Blaine rehab center are professional and affordable. Performance Physical Therapy has been serving residents of Whatcom County for the past decade and has continually expanded its list of services. Our rehab services span from treatment for sports injuries to postoperative recovery plans. We also provide preventative services, women’s care, bike fittings and more! Our dedication to continually encouraging active, safe and pain free lifestyles has led us to expand our list and accept more patients.

At this Blaine rehab center you will find experienced and highly trained physical therapists whose passion is helping patients recover in the fastest, safest and most thorough way possible. These professionals dedication to continually educating themselves pay off. The success stories of our patients keep us going and keep us excited about what we do. After an accident, injury or surgery, rehab is a helpful choice. Finding the right Blaine rehab center for you is important.

At our office, the entire staff strives to maintain a positive atmosphere and energy that, we believe, is part of the reason why our patients are able to recover so well. Finding a supportive, knowledgeable team of individuals to surround you during your recovery can be the difference between a quick and thorough recovery and a long, drawn  out and potentially dangerous recovery. Rehab treatments are not always a walk in the park. The challenging physical, emotional and mental demands placed on you need to be carried by others as well. Let us be that team!

For more information about the specific services we offer, the techniques we use and our staff members, take a moment to scroll through our site. If you’re ready to schedule your appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to meeting you and joining you on the road to recovery.

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