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Have you recently been injured or undergone a surgery? Perhaps you have consistent pain you feel could be helped with a bit of knowledge and guided exercises. For these reasons and many others, residents of Whatcom County seek out great physical therapists. The place you’ll find the most experiences, highest trained and most encouraging therapists is at the Burlington PT practice known as Performance Physical Therapy.

Performance PT is a place where all ages from every walk of life are welcome to come and receive treatment. Our Burlington PT practice has been serving nearby residents for over ten years and the staff here is always glad to meet new patients. Our goal is to provide outstanding services for those who are in need of PT treatment. We love helping people get back to their typical lifestyles. Whether you’ve been injured or are in need of therapy because of a recent surgery, Performance PT is the place for you.

We also provide a wide range of services that are geared toward helping prevent injury. Our orthopedic center is unmatched and our women’s health services are well trusted and referred by our patients. No matter what you come in for you will find teams of specialists that are passionate about seeing your body heal and get back to functioning in the proper way. Our therapists are encouraging and easy to work with and our office is a positive place with an inviting atmosphere.

If you’re searching for the best Burlington PT practice, look no further than Performance Physical Therapy. Once you’ve worked with our therapists you’ll see why we are one of the most trusted physical therapy practices in all of Washington state.To schedule your appointment or speak with a friendly staff member about your questions and particular needs, contact us today!

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