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For years, the Burlington rehabilitation center at Performance Physical Therapy has been helping patients get back to their normal lifestyles quickly. Serving the residents of Whatcom County is our passion and finding the perfect ways to help each of our individual patients is the goal we constantly work towards. Everything at our Burlington rehabilitation center is customized for you! When you choose to visit us, we make it our goal to give you the best possible care and service. Our therapists are the best in the business and are continually educating themselves and staying current with the latest methodologies and equipment. Many of our therapists hold multiple certifications and are continually seeking to gain more by attending classes and conferences.

We treat pre and postoperative patients and make surgery a smaller hurdle than it would be otherwise. We know that surgery will inevitably slow you down for some time but we have been successful in helping patients minimize recovery time and get back to the active lifestyle they love. We also treat all types of injuries from musculoskeletal issues to sports injuries. Our programs are widespread; no matter what you’re searching for, you can find it here. We provide preventive care and help all of our patients know what to focus on to avoid further injury. At this Burlington rehabilitation center, you will find a comfortable atmosphere and an encouraging staff that will help you get back on track faster. Dealing with constant pain can really put a damper on life, we can diagnose and treat pain to help you get back to the daily activities you’re used to performing.

If you’re interested in visiting a Burlington rehabilitation center that treats you how you should be treated by focusing on your specific needs and finding innovative ways to help you, Performance Physical Therapy is the place for you! Have questions, comments or concerns? Want to schedule an appointment? Call us today!

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