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If you’re on a mission to strengthen your core and find the core exercises Bellingham WA experts reccommend, you may be thinking only about your stomach. But did you know that the total core includes many more muscle groups outside of just the abdominals? That’s right – everything from neck and back muscles to hip flexors are including in the “core” of your body.

So, before we give you a list of core exercises Bellingham WA trainers and therapists recommend, we want to explain just how important it is to really focus on these workouts for your total health benefit. Of course, everyone wants to have a strong, flat stomach when it comes time to put that bathing suit on! But did you know that having a strong core can also protect your back? Chronic back pain is a common ailment among Americans. In fact, most people have either dealt with back issues themselves at some point or know someone personally who has. Not only is it frustrating and uncomfortable, but some back pain can get to a point where it becomes debilitating.

One of the best measures for preventing back injuries is taking the time to do the core exercises Bellingham WA therapists advise. These will help you to develop and strengthen your core:

  • Planks or Push up Planks
  • Twisting Crunch or Medicine Ball Twists
  • V-Sit Hold
  • Weighted Supermans
  • Exercise Ball Roll-Ins

For more information on recommended core exercises Bellingham WA patients and athletes can use to strengthen their core, please call Performance Physical Therapy. We’ve been in business since 1977 and we’re committed to providing the best preventative care and therapy services to our patients. We can help you develop a comprehensive core workout plan to fit your body’s specific needs. If you or someone you know if struggling with back pain, we invite you to call us right away at 360.733.4008 to set up an appointment.

Core Exercises Bellingham WA | Core Exercises Bellingham

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