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Ferndale Best Core Workouts

People often mistakenly believe that the body’s “core” is the abdominal muscles only. While having a firm stomach is great goal, practicing the Ferndale best core workouts will actually contribute to your overall health and the strength of your entire body. In fact, physical therapists (like us) as well as strength trainers and sports medicine experts all agree that a consistent focus on developing a strong core is one of the best ways to avoid injury.

There are many advantages of developing a strong core through Ferndale best core workouts, but here are just a few of the perks:

  • Improve posture (your core muscles are actually the ones that allow you to stand upright)
  • Move with better ease (nearly every motion relies on your core to source strength and provide stability)
  • Build endurance/stamina (in order to walk, jog, or run – or even to just remain standing on your feet for long periods of time – you must have a strong core)
  • Look great! (get your body ready for bathing suit season with a tight stomach and toned back and obliques)

Because your core is made up of several different muscle groups that run all the way from your neck to your hips, there are many Ferndale best core workouts that you can do to help develop strength and stability in this part of your body. Here are just a few from a recommended list put together by Performance Physical Therapy:

  • Planks or Push up Planks: For these, be sure to hold a steady position, keeping your back level and your legs straight. Try holding for up to a minute and for a more challenging version, add a pushup every 10 seconds.
  • Twisting Crunch or Medicine Ball Twists: Balance your body in a V-sit position and focus on contracting with each motion.
  • V-Sit Hold: Keep your legs straight, push yourself to hold for as long as possible and don’t forget to breath!
  • Weighted Supermans: What’s harder than doing the regular “superman” motion? Well, doing the weighted version of course! Simply hold a small dumbbell in your hands or add ankle weights to your feet (or both).
  • Exercise Ball Roll-Ins: Holding our body off of the ground with arms extended, put your legs on top of a ball and roll the ball in and out towards your stomach and then back out into an extended position.

We hope these Ferndale best core workouts have been helpful for you! Call Performance PT for more helpful information on developing a strong, healthy core! Our number is 360.733.4008.


Ferndale Best Core Workouts | Best Core Workouts Ferndale

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