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Top Ferndale Core Exercises

As one of the region’s leading providers of quality physical therapy, we hear questions all of the time concerning which workouts are the best Ferndale core exercises. For some individuals, the goal of having a strong core is purely based on wanting to achieve a particular appearance. Afterall, who doesn’t want to have a great beach body once summer rolls around? But, more importantly, Ferndale core exercises should be about overall health.

How can working out your core muscles lead to overall better health? Well, because the muscles that extend from your neck all the way through your torso and even down into your hips are considered those that make up your “core,” building strength in this area is extremely important to avoiding injury. By strengthening core muscles, you’ll also be able to improve your posture and build endurance. Did you know that the stronger your core muscles are, the easier it is to move in general?

Advice on Great Ferndale Core Exercises

Physical therapists like the ones at Performance PT are committed to client education. While we do offer services to help clients recover from injuries or surgeries, we also consider health education one of the primary – and most important – services we can offer. For years, our therapists have been encouraging clients to avoid future injury by taking the time to do these helpful Ferndale core exercises.

  1. Variations of any kind of planks
  2. Variations of any kind of crunch (v-sit, toe touch, double crunch, bicycles, etc).
  3. Variations of any kind of exercise ball tuck or lift
  4. Medicine ball twists
  5. Supermans

If you’re interested in avoiding injury, building overall strength and health and looking great in the process, then these Ferndale core exercises will prove helpful. Remember that with any kind of exercises, consistency is key. Develop a weekly schedule for completing these workouts and then hold yourself to creating the habit of doing them regularly. Call 360.733.4008 to speak to a Performance therapists about more details or to set up an appointment to receive care in one of our local offices.


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