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Looking for a Ferndale Orthopedic Center?

Since 1997, Performance Physical Therapy has been offering client-focused, quality care for a variety of therapeutic services. Our two convenient locations in Whatcom County have seen thousands of patients over the years and we’re proud to say that among the various PT practices in the area, this Ferndale orthopedic center is known for providing only the best quality care from the most experienced staff.

The orthopedic division at Performance offers each patient a full assessment and customized treatment plan for any musculoskeletal injury. This includes injuries or damage related to the bones, joints and muscles. Many patients looking for a Ferndale orthopedic center are already in pain and are experiencing limitations in their ability to move well.  If this is the case for you, we invite you to give us a call right away. You don’t have to deal with pain forever – there is a road to recovery and it starts at Performance Physical Therapy.

The therapists at our Ferndale orthopedic center are some of the most qualified you’ll find in the region! In fact, many of them are actually certified as Orthopedic Clinical Specialists, so they know exactly what to do for our patients. Whether you’re dealing with a sprain, a strain or need help recovering after a surgery, the staff at Performance will be able to assess the right treatment to restore function and relieve pain as soon as possible.

Here at Performance Physical Therapy, our vision statement declares that we are committed to, “…providing the highest quality care to our patients and to spreading goodwill to the community at large.” And nothing could be more true! We consider our practice to be a thriving and vital part of the community here in Whatcom County. If you’re looking for a Ferndale orthopedic center, you’ll find that our locations in neighboring Bellingham are easy to access and just down the road!

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