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Are you looking for a Ferndale rehab center that can offer you premier facilities and technology as well as the best possible patient care? If so, then we invite you to come visit one of the two convenient facilities of Performance Physical Therapy in neighboring Bellingham. Just down the road, this well-known practice has been serving local clients since 1997 with outstanding care delivered by a top-notch staff.

Not only do we have a full orthopedic division that cares for patients with musculoskeletal injuries, but we also provide service for a wide variety of other kinds of clients. This Ferndale rehab center is truly equipped to take care of nearly any rehab need, including sports rehab, pre and post surgical rehab and work-related rehab. We have specialists that can provide excellent service for everything from PT for the most delicate injuries to the spine to advising on golf injury prevention techniques.

If you are currently in pain for any reason and are seeking out a Ferndale rehab center, it’s time to visit Performance. Don’t dismiss your pain or settle for a lifetime of discomfort. Some patients believe they are able to “tough it out” when it comes to various types of injuries. But the honest truth is that in most cases, they’re not doing their body any favors by letting the pain continue. Pain indicates a problem in the body…a problem that needs to be addressed and remedied so that you can get back to living life as you remember it prior to your injury. We can help in that process.

Our goal is your 100% recovery. We love to work with our patients as they go through the rehab process of gaining strength and a renewed range of motion. We want to see you back to a healthy, active lifestyle as quickly as possible!


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