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Regain Your Independence With the Greatest Occupational Therapist Lynden WA Residents Trust

Why does Performance Physical Therapy have the greatest occupational therapist Lynden WA turns to?   Performance Physical Therapy has been rehabilitating athletes in training, workers injured on the job, patients post-surgery, and everyone in between since 1997. Performance Physical Therapy (PPT) has highly skilled therapists that customize your treatment to your specific needs, and get you back into your everyday life with the easiest of transitions. Their customizable programs are beneficial to those looking to find one of the greatest occupational therapists in the Lynden, WA area.

What is occupational therapy?  Occupational therapy aims to help patients regain function due to injuries, illnesses, developmental delays, or age related disabilities. They accomplish this through beneficial therapies of everyday activities.  The “occupation” in occupational therapy can be broken into three categories:  

  • Recreation:  Hobby, socializing, sports, t.v.
  • Personal (Self-Care):  Brushing teeth, eating, sleeping, bathing. Basic everyday tasks.
  • Work:  Productivity in your workplace or school

Occupational therapists assist in rehabilitation with aged care by assessing and modifying their environments to improve their safety, and help patients and/or caretakers with the use of adaptive equipment. They also customize treatment for workplace injuries by ergonomically assessing their work environment to minimize or prevent further injury, and educate on safe work practices.  Recreationally, many people lose their ability to pursue pleasure in life such as hobbies, sports and even simple acts such as socializing and watching tv.  The occupational therapists at Performance Physical Therapy can help you adapt and modify the way you watch t.v., to the way you socialize, and the way you swing that golf club.

With over 150 years of combined experience, and an environment in which the patient is of the utmost importance take a moment and contact the greatest occupational therapist Lynden WA trusts and let them get you back into the swing of things.

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