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Lynden Best Core Workouts: A Recommended List

Did you know that your “core” is much, much more than just that six-pack of abs that you want to show off this summer on the beach? Many people have a misconception that if they have a toned stomach, they have a strong core, but this is not always the case. Certainly, working your abdominal muscles with Lyden best core workouts will contribute to your overall core strength. However, you also have to be willing and prepared to work your lats, your back and several other smaller muscle groups as well.

Core muscles are located in the midsection of your body below your neck and they extend all the way to the hip flexors. These muscles are essential to many basic aspects of life and movement. Do you count on your ability to stand up, bend with ease and walk from place to place? If so, then you are dependent on your core muscles to accomplish those tasks for you. In order to keep this important area of your body strong and healthy, local therapists have recommended a list of Lynden best core workouts for you to try! The best thing about these exercises is that you don’t even need a gym membership or fancy, equipment to make them a part of your daily routine. You can do them right at home! (It may be helpful to purchase a small medicine ball and/or an inflatable exercise ball.)

Here are some workouts that you can do to help build strength and stability in your core:

  • Basic crunches and variations: Don’t worry about doing a full situp, which could put unnecessary strain on your back. Simply place your hands behind your head to support your neck and lift from your core enough to get your upper back off of the ground. For variations, try side crunches, V-sit crunches, bicycle crunches and double crunches!
  • Medicine ball twists: For this one, you’ll just need an 8 or 10 pound medicine ball. Balance your body in a sitting position, leaning slightly back so that your legs can be tucked up in front of you and held off of the ground. Then twist from your core, holding the medicine ball in both hands and bringing it from side to side. Touch it to the ground on one side before twisting back to the other.
  • Planks or plank variations: Holding your body in the plank position is one of the best ways to work your abs and your back all at the same time. Just remember to keep good, straight posture so you don’t let your back sag and put undue pressure on it. For variations, try side planks, exercise ball planks (with your feet resting on the ball), one-legged planks or push-up planks!

By committing to these Lyden best core workouts, you will do your body a big favor in the long run! A strong core means a healthier body and less risk of injury.

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