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Recommendations for Lynden Core Exercises

Because maintaining a strong core is so vital to the rest of the body’s functions, Performance Physical Therapy specialists recommend several key Lynden core exercises. These exercises should be performed by patients recovering from injury as well as anyone looking to increase their overall strength. The core muscles in the body affect much of the body’s movements and when they are strengthened, the entire muscular system and even bone structure will benefit. The muscles in and around your core affect the other the various tendons, joints and other muscles in the body and when the core is weak, it can be difficult to increase strength in other areas of the body.

Lynden core exercises can aid in the process of strengthening all of the core muscles, which include: back, pelvis and abdominal muscles. These exercises can be modified by each individual so that they can be done at a comfortable yet challenging level. As the strength increases, the amount and type of exercises should be adjusted to achieve the best results. Lynden core exercises can be safely performed on a carpeted floor or an exercise mat. During the exercises, breath should be consistent and deep. Before beginning any type of core workout, consider the current health of all your muscles and if you have particular areas of concern, consult a doctor or physical therapist with any questions. When performing these recommended core exercises, focus on the tightening and releasing of the core muscles. Over time you will begin to see and feel the results of these exercises.

Some examples of Lynden core exercises include: crunches, side planks, ab presses, and superman stretches. All of these exercises and others will actually help to prevent injury as well as strengthen the core. For athletes, adventurers and people just seeking to have the best possible health, these exercises are not only physically rewarding, but can also be fun and challenging as well. So if you’re looking to improve your overall physical strength as well as your range of motion, start these exercises today and don’t forget to be consistent!

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