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Performance PT offers its services to Lynden physical therapy clients as well as those in the surrounding areas. We have efficiently and effectively provided care for our patients since 1997. From our beginning, we decided that we would focus on the patient and their wellbeing first and foremost. We bring this approach into each personal physical therapy sessions, but we also care about our patients’ lifestyle outside of our center. We know that emotional and mental health are important pieces to physical wellness, so the whole picture must be taken into consideration before true progress can be made. As a practice, we have experienced steady growth over the years and we believe it is due to our commitment to key principles.

Reasons Why Our Lynden Physical Therapy Center has Been Successful:

First, we are dedicated to our clients and their satisfaction. You may have been injured or need our assistance in regaining your physical health and our aim is always to help you achieve your health goals. Secondly, we are committed to quality. We practice an innovative and scientific approach to physical therapy. Our staff is experienced in their specific fields and highly qualified. Third, we offer the opportunity for great care at a great price. Performance Physical Therapy will always provide our services in an affordable and cost effective manner. We desire to make physical therapy affordable for you, rather than financially stressful.

Performance PT’s Lynden physical therapy office is truly a community. Our staff members work hand in hand with you and each other to ensure your satisfaction and growth. We are committed to offering our employees a wonderful place to work as well as providing our clients with a wonderful staff to work with. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care to each of our clients…we hope you consider being one of them! Consider our Lynden physical therapy practice for your ongoing physical therapy needs.

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