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Performance is Top Among Lynden Rehabilitation Center

If you require physical therapy and live in the Lynden, Washington area, you should consider visiting the Performance PT, the Lynden rehabilitation center of choice for local clients. Our practice focuses on providing excellent physical therapy as well as physical assessments, performance enhancement programs, and injury preventative techniques. Though we specialize in several major areas of physical health, we are also unique in that we are experts in the field of women’s health. Most physical therapy centers concentrate on a general program while Performance offers specific information, therapy, and care for our clients on an individual basis – and our emphasis on women’s health issues helps us to keep our care customizable.

Many women are affected with specific health issues like pelvic pain, back pain, pregnancy related-discomfort, incontinence and constipation, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, and postpartum rehabilitation. Performance is the Lynden rehabilitation center known for providing special attention to the health issues that women face throughout their lives. Hormonal and physical changes can affect a woman’s body from the time she hits puberty to her first child to menopause and beyond. These changes constantly affect the body and often women just deal with it. However, physical therapy is a highly practical and useful option to women struggling with any health issues and here at Performance, we’re trained and ready to help women of all ages achieve a healthier lifestyle! Of course, our extensive services don’t end there. We are also able to target key issues experienced by men, teens, children and the elderly.

One the most common complaints among all of our patients is back pain. Back pain can be caused by several factors. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to, weak abdominal muscles, poor sleeping habits, extra weight, poor posture, and muscular imbalances. Many of our patients are active and busy, often on the run from one thing to the next. Their bodies undergo stress and abuse every single day. If you are dealing with back pain, we can help. Instead of waking up every morning and taking some aspirin, visit the Lynden rehabilitation center that really cares, Performance Physical Therapy, and start on your journey to wellness today!

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