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Where to Find the Most Comprehensive Mt Vernon Orthopedic Centers

The most comprehensive and service-oriented of Mt Vernon orthopedic centers are the Performance Physical Therapy practices. Located on Barkley Boulevard and on Cornwall Avenue in Bellingham, Washington, Performance Physical Therapy centers will take care of your orthopedic needs. With over a dozen highly trained physical therapists on staff, Performance Physical Therapy is the place to go for you to hurt less, and live more.

If you are currently suffering from any muscular and/or skeletal injury that causes you pain or limits your movements in any way, you need comprehensive assessment and care. Orthopedic Centers in Mt Vernon can help you to recover from these pains and injuries, but only one orthopedic center will do it the best. Whether you or a loved one suffer from sprains and strains or needs post-surgery rehabilitation, Performance Physical Therapy is there for you.

However, while considering Mt Vernon orthopedic centers for your care, do not forget the quality of the therapists who will provide your treatment. Only at Performance Physical Therapy have many of the therapists already achieved the Orthopedic Clinical Specialist certification from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists. This dedication to being ahead of the field in orthopedics is just one aspect of the Performance Physical Therapy dedication to being the best  to serve you.

As if it is not enough to know the professional quality with which this Mt Vernon orthopedic center will treat you, you should also know about some orthopedic special services. For instance, in the game of golf a simple swing is actually a complex movement that can cause unique injuries. At Performance Physical Therapy, therapists worked with golf professionals and medical literature to develop knowledge of the biomechanics of the sport that get you back in the game. So what are you waiting for? Contact Performance Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment today.

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