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For Mt Vernon, Orthopedics Rehabilitation is Closer Than Ever

Whether you are seeking evaluation, treatment, or rehabilitation in Mt Vernon, orthopedics help is right around the corner.  Conveniently located in Bellingham, Performance Physical Therapy is an easy 30 minute drive north of Mt Vernon. There you will find comprehensive care from highly trained professionals for your orthopedic injury or illness.

If you are recovering from a surgery or injury and need physical therapy, Performance PT offers a wide range of therapeutic services to help alleviate pain and restore functionality to your muscle, bone, or joint.  For example, if your orthopedic injury is sports related, therapists will not only help you to get back on the field, but they can also assist with both injury prevention and performance enhancement  As athletes themselves, the clinicians at Performance Physical Therapy understand the desires and demands of the game and work with you as partners to help meet your orthopedic goals.  Even if you are not looking to return to athletics, but simply want to restore your full mobility, Performance PT offers therapists with a variety of specializations who can partner with you on your individual journey.

While many Mt Vernon orthopedics practices claim the patient as a priority, Performance Physical Therapy has truly built its practice on a patient-centered model.  Your therapists and clinicians will listen to your goals and feedback every step of the way, helping to build a recovery plan around your orthopedic needs.  From their dedication to injury prevention as well as rehabilitation to their educational classes for the public, it is obvious that the friendly and professional staff is dedicated to helping their patients, and their community, live better.

If you are looking for a Mt Vernon orthopedics practice which offers a variety of specialized services, paired with patient-centered care, look no further that Performance Physical Therapy.  For more information or to set up an appointment, contact us today.

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