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Look for a Mt Vernon Rehab Center?

If you or someone you love is in need of physical therapy and rehabilitation, you know that not just any Mt Vernon rehab center will do.  You are looking for a practice with a dedication to excellence, integrity, and, most of all, to patients like you.  Fortunately, just such a physical therapy and rehab center is just a short drive away at Performance Physical Therapy in Bellingham. With two convenient locations in Barkley Medical Center and Cornwall Ave, it is easy to find your way to the best rehabilitative care around.

The clinicians and staff at Performance PT are dedicated to continuing their education, earning further certifications that take years to obtain.  This continual pursuit of professional development ensures that you, the patient, continually receive the best, state-of-the-art treatment at this Mt Vernon Rehab Center.  In addition to numerous certifications, the PPT staff also offer specialization in a variety of unique areas.  From gait mechanics and lower extremity biomechanics to golf-injury prevention, these specialists have a greater understanding of your needs because they are walkers, runners, and golfers themselves.

In addition to their pursuit of excellent service, Performance Physical Therapy is also a Mt Vernon Rehab Center that cares.  From hosting educational events, such as pregnancy classes, to participating in community races and trail-builds, they are dedicated to investing in their community.  Such a strong relationship with the surrounding community sets Performance PT apart as a rehabilitation center that is truly invested in making everyone’s lives better.

When you come in for an appointment at Performance Physical Therapy, you can expect the same excellence and dedication to service the therapists and staff bring to their other work.  They work with you to develop goals and a treatment plan, respecting you as the individual most invested in your rehabilitation.  From the initial meeting to your final appointment, you can expect to be treated with promptness, professionalism, and most of all, care.

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