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Looking for the Right Mt Vernon Rehab Center For You?

Everyone has their own reasons for seeking a Mt Vernon rehab center.  Perhaps you are recovering from a sports injury.  Alternatively, it may have been an operation or a work-related incident that inspired the need for rehabilitation.  Yet even with such a wide range of causes, the goals and expectations for rehab converge on a few basic principles you should be able to expect in your physical therapy practice.

Patient-Centered Care

Regardless of the reason you have found yourself in need of physical therapy, the goal of your work there should be nothing less than returning you to your best possible level of mobility.  This personalized goal should be paired with friendly service and a plan built around you.  Performance Physical Therapy is one Mt Vernon rehab center that understands this, as they are dedicated to providing the best possible care to help each patient get back on his or her feet.

Specialized Services

Although many strive for personalized service, not every Mt Vernon rehab center is able to offer the unique specializations each patient needs to succeed in his or her goals.  Rehabilitation after surgery looks very different from recovering from a golf injury.  And both of these are again distinct from post-partum rehab.  Each of these special areas require a unique approach and progression of goals; the therapists at Performance PT realize this, and have doctors available with an in-depth understanding of each of these services and more.

Encouraging Atmosphere

Rehabilitation is a process that often pushes the edges of your comfort zone.  Because of that, it is important that you work in an atmosphere that is encouraging and supportive.  The physical therapists at Performance PT are actively involved in similar activities to their patients–from running or golfing to parenting and family life.  They understand the desire to return to your normal swing or step and offer the professional, friendly support you need to get there.

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