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Orthopedic Centers in Washington

If you’re searching for quality orthopedic centers in Washington, look no further than Performance Physical Therapy. Common orthopedic injuries or conditions that you may be dealing with could include arthritis of various joints, chronic pain, bursitis, tendinitis, ACL issues, ganglion cysts, MCL issues, tennis elbow, or even stress fractures. If you have pain or discomfort because of any of these conditions, physical therapy can help you. Our professional physical therapists are trained to strengthen and improve your muscles and tendons. No matter what musculoskeletal injury you have, Performance Physical Therapy can bring you relief.

Orthopedic Centers in Washington

Our orthopedic center in Washington is a top of the line facility. We have been helping our patients for over 18 years now. Our practice is different because we chose to focus on the patient and not profit or growth. Both have come naturally over the years, but you remain the focus of our attention and care. We have developed some core values to our practice including quality, financial responsibility, community, and integrity. These values ensure that our physical therapists always act with your best interest in mind. They will sit down and develop a specific and personalized plan for you that will allow you to regain your range of motion and strength.

Whether you were in a car accident, had a sporting accident, or now have a chronic condition, we are here to help at our orthopedic centers in Washington. To get started on getting your life back, check with your insurance and see what is covered. You may need a referral to see a physical therapist. Once you know what is covered, contact our office to make your first appointment. Complete any necessary paperwork ahead of time and don’t forget to bring a photo ID and your insurance card when you come in. We look forward to helping you!

Orthopedic Centers In Washington | Orthopedic Center In Washington

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