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Performance PT: The Most Comprehensive PT in Washington

All physical therapy centers treat disease, injury, or deformity through physical methods to make patients like you well again. Rather than opting for drugs or surgery, physical therapy will get you on the path to health through methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise. However, not every center for PT in Washington may provide the precise services and technology you need.


As an individual patient, the physical mechanism of your body is unique from anyone else, and you may also require treatment for very particular reasons. That is why it is important when looking for the best PT in Washington, to consider a center that offers a comprehensive list of services. With its offices in Bellingham, Performance Physical Therapy can offer that comprehensive coverage to you.


An Outstanding List of Services for PT in Washington


To give you an idea as to why Performance PT can offer you the best and most complete list of services, here is a list of the treatments offered:


  • Therapeutic Services
    • Orthopedic rehabilitation
    • Sports rehabilitation and conditioning
    • Pre- and Post-operative rehabilitation
    • Spine rehabilitation
    • Work related rehabilitation
  • Injury Treatment
    • Ankle and foot
    • Back and neck
    • Fractures
    • Hip and knee
    • Muscle sprains and strains
    • Overuse
    • Postpartum rehabilitation
    • Shoulder and elbow
    • Sports and work related injuries
  • Illness Treatment
    • Arthritis
    • Chronic pain
    • Disk degeneration
    • Dizziness and balance disorders
    • Incontinence
    • Osteoporosis

Certainly, you may receive most of these services at other physical therapy centers in the Washington state area. However, you will be hard-pressed to find PT in Washington which offers these specialty services made available to you by Performance PT:

  • Specialty Programs and Services
    • Gait analysis
    • Orthotic fabrication
    • Bike fits
    • Ergonomic assessments
    • Women’s health / pelvic floor dysfunction
    • Golf rehabilitation and injury prevention
    • Vestibular rehabilitation (to treat vertigo, dizziness, and balance disorders)
    • Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization, ASTYM (to treat scarring, fibrosis, and soft tissue degeneration)

If you are still wondering if Performance PT is the right choice of centers for you, then consider the following: The therapists of Performance Physical Therapy commit to continuing their own education in order to ensure professional growth, which in turn benefits you and other physical therapy patients. So what are you waiting for? Contact Performance Physical Therapy today.

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