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Of all people, athletes are most known for being hard on their bodies. Sports take their toll on bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Athletes can be more prone to injury since they are constantly using their muscles. Many of these injuries, however, can be prevented with physical therapies for athletes. Performance Physical Therapy works with athletes to strengthen their muscles and form so that they get injured less often. We also work with athletes who have sustained an injury in order to rebuild their body back to its original condition. Athletes want to get back into their sport with minimal interruption, but without proper physical therapy for athletes, they may end up re-injuring themselves or even permanently injuring themselves.physical therapy

Our professional therapists can help evaluate your body for any current or previous injuries and determine what may be a conditional injury and what may be a chronic injury. Physical therapy can help you regain strength you may have lost due to an injury, aging, poor form, or a variety of other athletic issues. We make use of state of the art equipment in order to provide the best physical therapy for athletes possible. We can provide sport-specific therapy whether you are an equestrian, a golfer, or a soccer player. This will ensure that your physical therapy will line up with your sport and your specific area within that sport.

We work with athletes of all levels and our therapists are experts in their fields. We can also do preventative physical therapy for athletes in order to strengthen your body and make it less injury-prone. If you are pursuing a career in your specific sport, you should consider coming in for an evaluation. We can point out any problem areas or discuss anything that could potentially become an issue in the future, as well as provide you with exercises to do and training tips for your sport.

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