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Innovative Physical Therapy Rehab Centers In WA

Performance Physical Therapy provides innovative and cutting edge therapy. Established in 1997, Performance began it’s service in Cordata Place and then opened a satellite clinic in the Bellingham Athletic Club on the Guide Meridian. Performance Physical Therapy has grown tremendously since then, being one of the top physical therapy rehab centers in WA.

Performance specializes in:

  • Ergonomics – Our physical therapist perform assessments to identify factors that contribute to work related injuries.
  • Golf – The golf swing can cause distinct injuries. Our therapists have created a specialized approach at team rehabilitation by working with golf professionals and blending scientific facts.
  • Orthopedics – Performance offers a comprehensive assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Orthotics – Our therapists are premier specialists when it comes to biomechanics. We custom fabricate orthotics.
  • Spine – Our therapists have received extensive training of spinal and sacroiliac rehabilitation.
  • Sports – We provide injury prevention and rehabilitation to athletes with the latest technology in sport-specific training.
  • Vestibular – Vestibular dysfunctions including vertigo require a highly specialized form of therapy. We quickly isolate the cause and treat the symptom immediately.
  • Women’s Health – We treat a wide variety of women’s health issues using exercise and functional techniques to address areas including:
    • Pelvic Pain
    • Back Pain
    • Pregnancy-related Discomfort
    • Incontinence and Constipation
    • Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
    • Postpartum Rehabilitation


Our highly-trained therapists are committed to ongoing education to ensure that you receive the highest quality care available. Many of our therapists have received certifications that require years of consistent dedication. The combination of genuine care, clinical expertise and strong community reputation are some of what sets us apart as the best physical therapy rehab centers in WA.


If you would like to learn more about our services you can visit us at our two locations:

  • Barkley Medical Center – 2075 Barkley Blvd Suite 200, Bellingham, WA 98226
  • Cornwall Avenue Office – 1616 Cornwall Avenue Suite B, Bellingham, WA 98225

Physical Therapy Rehab Centers in WA | Physical Therapy Rehab Center In WA

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