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Physical Therapy in Mt Vernon Gets People Moving

If you’ve ever had an a bone surgery, or suffered an injury involving soft tissue trauma, nerve inflammation, or tendon damage, then you probably relied on Physical Therapy (PT) to help recover regular use of your body. But while PT primarily known as an aide rehabilitation, it can also help to relieve illness, as well as chronic problems related to flexibility, posture, and range of motion. When it comes down to it, PT is all about helping people achieve an active, pain-free lifestyle, with complete motor function.


While Physical Therapy can be very familiar for athletes, or to those who’ve suffered an injury, many people who can greatly benefit from Physical Therapy in Mt Vernon may not know exactly what PT entails.


What Does Physical Therapy in Mt Vernon Look like?


Physical Therapy combines passive treatments and stimulation with specialized therapeutic exercises that are tailored to strengthen and adjust the target area. Because these exercises target very specific motor functions, and are sometimes specifically engineered for individual needs, PT can look very different for each patient. Physical Therapists are highly trained medical professionals, going to PT feels almost like a mix between visiting your physician and hiring a personal trainer.


Education is one of the most crucial functions of Physical Therapy. In order to optimize the effectiveness of therapeutic exercises, and maximize a patient’s range of motion, it is very important to observe proper body mechanics, and understand exactly how the body moves when fully functional.


Steps to Take

If you think you might benefit from Physical Therapy in Mt Vernon, the first thing to do is asses your specific needs. Identify body parts or activities that you would like to improve, and set specific goals. Once you know what you’re striving for, reach out to an established Physical Therapy practice in your area.   Performance Physical Therapy is a great choice. Call and schedule an appointment to discuss your needs, and to build a PT solution that will help you to live and move at your very best.

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