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If you are in need of physical rehabilitation, and live in the Mt. Vernon area, chances are you’ve been looking for physical therapy rehab centers in Mt Vernon. We have many individuals who come to us looking for relief from pain or discomfort. Whether you’ve been in a car accident, a sport accident, or have a chronic problem or injury, we can help. If you have been through physical therapy before and are still suffering, we invite you to come experience the Performance Physical Therapy difference. Maybe you’re considering switching physical therapists because you’re unhappy with your current treatment plan.

If you don’t have any kind of personal rapport with your physical therapist at one of the rehab centers in Mt Vernon, or feel uncomfortable during your visits, it may be time to find a new one. It’s important that you click with your physical therapist. If you feel like your physical therapist doesn’t listen to you, it’s time to change offices. Your voice should always be heard and you should be able to ask questions at any point. Also, if you find it difficult to schedule appointments, you might want to try to find a new place that has available times that are convenient for you.

Another reason you may want to switch rehab centers could be that you’ve experienced improper billing at your rehab center in Mt Vernon. If you have issues with insurance or billing, you should find a new therapist that is honest and accurate about all the services they’re providing. You should also make sure that the physical therapist you choose doesn’t only use passive treatments. A good treatment plan won’t always feel good but you should always be making progress.

If you’re ready to come to a place where you’re given the attention and care that you deserve, then consider visiting one of the best physical rehab centers in Mt Vernon, Performance Physical Therapy.

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