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Whether you’re an athlete, are recovering from an accident, or have a chronic physical condition, chances are someone has told you to go to physical therapy. Physical therapy is a great way to strengthen your muscles and joints, prevent injury, heal from an injury, or regain strength and range of motion if you have been injured. If you’re dealing with a chronic issue, physical therapy can help alleviate your pain and discomfort. Many people go to a physical therapist if they’re aggressively competing in a sport, just had a car accident, had a physical injury happen at home or at work, or are struggling with pain and discomfort from an old injury or something ongoing like arthritis. Our rehabilitation centers in Washington provide all the physical therapy services that you need to start feeling better.

In physical therapy at our rehabilitation centers in Washington, you may be treated with heat or ice, ultrasound, massage, stretching, strengthening exercises, or even low-impact conditioning. Physical therapy treatment can be both active and passive, depending on your injury or needs. Your physical therapy treatment program will be custom tailored to you and your physical condition. Our therapists work closely with you to make sure that you can improve over time.

Our rehabilitation centers in Washington have been extremely successful in helping many different people overcome injuries. Athletes often see physical therapists to treat injuries or prevent new ones from happening. Preventative physical therapy is extremely important for athletes who want to make it to the top. Taking care of your body is the only way you’ll get there. Performance Physical Therapy has many talented and qualified physical therapists waiting to see you – call today to set up your first appointment. Feel free to discuss any questions you may have with us about financing, treatment, or directions to our center.

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