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Specialized Services At the Best Rehabilitation Centers in WA

Have you recently been injured or undergone an orthopedic surgery?  Are you in need of physical therapy, but don’t know where of the rehabilitation centers in WA to turn to?  Is your condition or injury unusual, leaving you wondering where you will find the specialized services you need?  If you find yourself answering “yes” to any of these questions, it is time to discover the specialized rehabilitation services available at Performance Physical Therapy.


Although other rehabilitation centers in WA may be able to provide the physical therapy services necessary for more basic injuries or conditions, it is important to us to be able to provide all of our patients with the specialized services they need.  Some of our most unique services include:


  • Vestibular: for patients dealing with vertigo (dizziness) or other balance dysfunctions, we offer therapy which includes education and exercises to optimize balance and stability.

  • Golf Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention: because your golf swing is a complex movement which can cause unique injuries, treatment requires both in depth knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology of the body and the sport.  We offer a team approach to rehabilitation that combines professional knowledge of golf and the latest science and medicine.

  • Women’s Health: throughout their lives, hormonal changes can cause greater changes and imbalances in women’s muscles and ligaments.  Changes related to pregnancy, childbirth, and other major events in a woman’s life create unique health problems, and at Performance PT we have specialized physical therapists available to help treat these changes and challenges.

No matter what type of rehabilitation or physical therapy you need at Performance PT, you can have confidence that you will receive it in a personalized and caring way. It is both our compassion and our expertise that sets our team apart as one of the best rehabilitation centers in WA.

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