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Receive Sehome Orthopedic Services at Performance PT

If you’re currently looking for local Sehome orthopedic care, consider visiting Performance Physical Therapy. We are conveniently located in your area and offer the best orthopedic care available. We have been serving local clients with excellent care since 1997. When we opened our doors, we committed to always focusing on the patient first. Your orthopedic needs are our first and primary concern. Performance Physical Therapy exists to serve you and you’ll be well taken care of here in every aspect of your care. In fact, even our office staff is friendly and will work to make your visits as enjoyable as possible.

At our Sehome orthopedic center, we offer initial comprehensive exams to help diagnosis your condition. Our clients vary greatly in age and need and we are equipped to treat any muscle, bone, or joint injury that you may be dealing with. If your issue is causing you pain or limiting your ability to move, we invite you to come in for a visit right away and get on the road to recover as soon as possible. Don’t try to deal with the problem on your own. Come discover how effective your appointments at Performance can be! Maybe you have just had surgery and need to recuperate. Perhaps you have simply strained or sprained something. Whether your orthopedic need is serious or merely uncomfortable, we are here to offer the comprehensive care that Sehome orthopedic patients need.

Our therapists will help you to restore any lost or limited function to the affected area. We can also help alleviate your pain in many cases, especially over time. Our specialists are dedicated to treating our local Sehome orthopedic clients with integrity and respect. We understand that being in pain can be frustrating, annoying, and even debilitating. We are eager to help you start on a new path to physical wellness.

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