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Sehome Physical Therapy Center Offers Quality Care

Performance Physical therapists operate out of our local Sehome physical therapy center. We have been in the business of providing physical therapy and care to our clients since 1997. Since we decided from the beginning to always put the patient first, our physical therapy center has grown in leaps and bounds. Out of all the Sehome physical therapy centers, we believe that we have succeeded because of our commitments to our mission statement. Among other things, we have committed ourselves to the following principles:

  • quality
  • client satisfaction
  • integrity
  • and providing the best physical therapy care that we possibly can

Our Sehome physical therapy center provides a variety of therapeutic services. Our clients have a wide spectrum of needs including chronic pain, headaches, injuries, osteoporosis, dizziness, and more. We have been able to help our clients experience relief from their pain, build stronger muscles, and even overcome illness and injury. We work with clients who have sports injuries, need spine rehabilitation, or are recovering from surgeries. In addition to those treatments, our center provides a variety of other services. We offer ergonomic assessments, golf rehabilitation, injury prevention, gait analysis, orthotic fabrication, and more.

If you have recently sustained an injury at work or during sports practice, it may be time to see a specialist at our Sehome physical therapy center. Injuries, if not treated, can often grow more painful. Don’t keep playing or working with an injury. Your muscles and tendons need time to heal and grow strong again. Our therapists can help get you back to the level at which you were performing before your injury. As a matter of fact, patients who complete a physical therapy regimen with us often return to the workplace or playing field much stronger than they were even before their injury. Proper physical therapy can help restore all your muscles to proper working order.

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