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The All-in-1 Sehome Rehab Center for Physical Therapy

If you’d like to receive top notch rehabilitation care at a top of the line Sehome rehab center from experts who are not only well trained but tremendously experienced, come to the offices of Performance Physical Therapy. Our two convenient locations in neighboring Bellingham both offer the latest technology and the best care from professional rehabilitation experts.

Our practice began in 1997 and has been increasing in popularity ever since. We proudly serve patients from all over Whatcom Valley and are always excited to see new faces because we are convinced we can provide the best rehab care in the area. Our staff is dedicated to achieving 100% recovery with every patient they meet and use a variety of practices and procedures, both new and old, to achieve this goal. This Sehome rehab center is equipped to care for a large variety of types of patients. Our staff works with patients dealing with sports injuries, pre and post surgical rehab and work-related rehab.

We even offer specialized workouts for patient and those individuals who may just be interested in strengthening their core muscles to prevent future injury. We also provide bike fittings, golf injury prevention techniques and ergonomic assessments. Our orthopedic department is top ranked and all of our physical therapists are continually attending seminars and further education classes to expand their already vast knowledge of rehab practices.

So,  if you’ve been looking for a Sehome rehab center that is able to help you move on from a life of pain constant discomfort, come visit us at Performance Physical Therapy. There is no need to try to ignore constant discomfort or settle for a life dependent on pain relievers. Whether you know what is causing your current pain or not, when you visit us, we will be able to more fully diagnose the problem and then come up with the most efficient, economical and thorough treatment plan possible. Physical therapy is right for so many patients who may not have even known it could be helpful for their situation. Don’t keep wondering, schedule an appointment today and let’s find out together if we can be of service to you!

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