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Physical therapy is a great resource for individuals who have been injured or are experiencing pain or discomfort. WA PT can help relieve your pain, speed up the natural healing process, and restore full range of motion and function.

You may find yourself unable to do the things you normally do. We see patients with a variety of issues from arthritis to a genetic condition to an injury from sports. WA PT consists of a variety of different passive and active methods including heat and ice packs, ultrasound therapy, strengthening exercises, and much more.

WA physical therapy is always customized to meet your personal needs. Each patient and each injury is different. We use many methods consistently but tailor their specific use to best help you with your injury. Because physical therapy does not involve surgery or invasive methods, some people may doubt its effectiveness. So many patients that have come through our door can tell you otherwise. When an individual comes to their first appointment, they may be in a lot of pain or unable to do certain movements. Through the use of heat and ice, ultrasound and massage, and exercises, they will leave at the end of their time with us happy and pain-free.

You may need to have WA PT for more than one cycle. If you have another injury or surgery, you may need to come see us more than once depending on how your body responds to treatment. Everyone is different. There are a lot of factors including the severity of your condition or injury, your original fitness level, and what type of tasks you do or need to do on a daily basis. Everyone can really benefit from physical therapy. If you want an alternative method to surgery, contact Performance Physical Therapy and find out  more about how WA PT can benefit you.

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