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Performance Physical Therapy: An Outstanding WA Rehabilitation Center

When it opened its doors in 1997 to the residents of Washington state, Performance Physical Therapy set a standard for outstanding rehabilitation care. Established by three physical therapists with a history as colleagues as well as friends, this partnership set the tone for the holistic approach central to Performance P.T. Avoiding the buyouts of medical clinics, Performance P.T. chose to set itself apart as a WA rehabilitation center that focused on its clients instead of profits.

This client-focused approach is characterized by an understanding of the client as a whole person, and not just an individual in need of medical treatment. By encouraging a quality of life characterized by time with family and time spent having fun, Performance P.T. tries to help improve their client’s whole life. Striving to achieve the highest standards, Performance P.T. attempts to help their clients by becoming involved in the communities in which their clients live. Fostering strong relationships with these communities by offering classes is just one way this WA rehabilitation center outstrips the competition with its well-rounded mission and vision.

Though the central focus of Performance P.T. is the quality treatment of its clients, another tenet to Performance P.T.’s aims is its employees. Employees’ dedication and loyalty is rewarded with aid for continued professional growth, so as to create a stronger reputation for future clients. Additionally, the staff line up with Performance P.T. is marked with specialists from multiple different fields, giving clients of this center the advantage of inter-concentration advising.

In addition to all of these markings of excellence, Performance P.T. also stands out amongst WA rehabilitation centers for its exhaustive list of physical therapy services. Whether you need help learning how to walk again or are just looking to improve your golf game, Performance P.T. does it all. Call Performance P.T. to find out how they can provide outstanding holistic service for your rehabilitation needs today.

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