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Searching for Washington PT Centers?

Have you recently been in a sports or automobile accident? Have you broken, sprained or fractured a bone or pulled or torn a muscle? These kinds of injuries sometimes require surgery, but always require extensive physical therapy. In order to get your body back into proper working condition, you must put in the time and discipline to properly rehab an injured area in order to build back strength and range of motion. If you’re looking at options for Washington PT centers and would love to come to a practice where you’ll be treated like family, but also with a high level of professionalism in quality outpatient care, Performance Physical Therapy is the place for you!

The staff here is made up of truly exceptional therapists, many of whom are recognized specialists in specific areas of care and who have gone above and beyond their required training to be the best possible PT providers. Unlike other Washington PT centers, we offer a wide range of services that can benefit patients in a variety of categories.

  • Do you have a sports-related injury?

  • Are you experiencing pain in your back?

  • Have you sustained an orthopedic injury?

  • Are you a golfer interested in injury prevention?

  • Do you need to have your gait analyzed?

  • Are you a woman needing assistance during postpartum recovery?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then Performance PT has something to offer you! Our wide range of services makes us the area’s premier provider of comprehensive physical therapy.

Our Washington PT centers are located conveniently in Whatcom County. They are in Barkley Medical Center and on Cornwall Avenue – both in nearby Bellingham. For more information about our two office locations or our range of services, please call us today. Scheduling an appointment is easy. If you’d like to get started with the process or learn what to expect from your first visit, check out the helpful information on our website. You can even download the necessary forms so you’re ready to go when you come in!

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