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To receive care from highly qualified and friendly practitioners, contact the premier Washington physical therapy practice of Performance Physical Therapy. At PPT we work with patients of all ages facing pain and injury of all kinds. From orthopedic care to women’s health we go above and beyond the typical physical therapy other local offices provide. The staff here is concerned about the all around well being of our patients and provides cutting edge methodologies to help patients recover from injury quicker and cope with pain better.

Our goal is to help every person that walks through our front doors reclaim the active lifestyle they once knew. We help them get on track to achieving this goal quickly by designing the most efficient, safe and powerful programs for each of our individual patients. Every single injury and issue is unique because every human body has its own needs and differences. We focus on individual patients to provide outstanding customized care that you won’t find at other Washington physical therapy practices. We treat athletic injuries, provide pre and postoperative care, help golfers protect themselves from potential injury, fit bikes for people to provide the safest and most comfortable riding experience…and much, much more.

The staff of PPT is committed to maintaining positive attitudes at all times to foster an atmosphere of encouragement for our staff and our patients. Here you will find entire teams of people committed not only to technically and physically helping you recover, but also to being your best cheerleaders all along the way. Emotional and mental stability are big parts of recovering and reclaiming a normal lifestyle, so we work to help our patients in these areas as well. To find out more about our practice and discuss whether or not it may be the right Washington physical therapy practice for you, contact us today. We’d be happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

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