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If you’re looking for a good physical therapist in your area, consider our Washington physical therapy centers. Whether you have been in a car accident, are recovering from surgery, or had a sports injury, our physical therapists can help get your body back into shape. Many people are referred to physical therapy through a doctor. Listen to your doctor’s advice and go to your physical therapy sessions. Medications and procedures can only do so much. Often your body needs specific conditioning to heal and recover. It is also a great idea to go to physical therapy to strengthen any weak areas in order to prevent injury. If you are a serious athlete, we can help you improve your physical condition and ability.

At Performance Physical Therapy’s Washington physical therapy centers, we treat our clients like friends and family. We are invested in your physical and emotional health. There are many benefits to physical therapy. Many of our clients come in dreading painful or uncomfortable physical exercises, but physical therapy is actually very beneficial to your entire body. We offer one on one sessions. Your rehabilitation will be the focus of every session. Our therapists are sensitive to your needs and your pace. We want to make every visit a stress-free one. You will find that after a few sessions, you will feel stronger. Our goal is to help heal and strengthen any injured areas.

If you’ve been searching for good Washington physical therapy centers, look no further. Performance Physical Therapy has two convenient locations for you. To get started, you can visit our website and fill out your patient registration form. Make sure your insurance covers physical therapy benefits. During your first session, we will verify your information, interview you for medical history, and conduct a physical exam along with assessing your current physical condition. Then we will design a custom treatment plan just for you.

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