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Looking for a Washington Rehab Center?

Looking for an outpatient Washington rehab center? Performance Physical Therapy, located in Bellingham, Washington offers client-centered physical therapy that focuses on a full range of therapeutic inventions and addresses a variety of injuries, medical needs and lifestyle issues.washington rehab center

Washington rehab center therapists are well-rounded in all areas of care, injury rehabilitation and post-operative therapies. No matter what your specific need, Performance Physical Therapists focus on your needs and work to facilitate recovery and reduce the likelihood of re-injury.  Patients are involved during every step and are encouraged to participate in self-care.

Specialities include:

  • Sports injury prevention, performance enhancement, conditioning and sport injury rehabilitation

  • Spine and sacroiliac rehabilitation with an emphasis on postural alignment, body mechanics, strength training, flexibility and joint mobility.

  • Orthopedics assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries that result in pain and mobility limitations

  • Golf rehabilitation and injury prevention

  • Vestibular rehabilitation for dizziness and balance issues

  • Gait Analysis and Orthotic Fabrication

  • Ergonomics, focusing on work related injuries

  • Women’s Health with specialities in postpartum care, incontinence, pregnancy and other health problems unique to women.

All physical therapists are committed to continuing education to ensure patients have access to latest knowledge in the field. Many therapists have speciality and complimentary certifications including the McKenzie Certification, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization and Vestibular Rehabilitation. These training program require years of dedication, study and research.

The first step towards working with Performance Physical Therapy is to schedule an initial physical therapy evaluation at our Washington rehab center. You should consult with your insurance company to verify outpatient benefits and requirements.

During your initial consultation Washington rehab center therapists will interview you about your health history, past and current injuries, lifestyle and therapy goals. They will also assess your overall strength and range of movement.  Your therapist will set out goals for your therapy program and also provide you with a home exercise program, that will support a shorter recovery time.

Through out your therapy program, therapists will work towards ensuring you can thrive in your life whether that includes returning to sports, work or performing daily tasks without pain and discomfort.

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