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Our Washington rehabilitation center for physical therapy is equipped with everything you need to regain your balance, strength, and normal movement. We provide many physical therapy and therapeutic services including orthopedic rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, sports conditioning and strengthening for athletes, work related injury rehabilitation, spine rehabilitation, and physical therapy for those about to go through surgery or those who have already had surgery. Our expertise also covers some specialty areas such as:washington state words

  • bike fit assessments

  • golf rehabilitation and injury prevention

  • gait analysis

  • orthotic fabrication

  • augmented soft tissue mobilization

Our physical therapists are well trained in a variety of areas and can help you get back into shape and on track quickly.

There are a variety of injuries that we can help treat. Our services and programs can help with injuries from car or work accidents, sports accidents, falls, or even chronic conditions. Our bodies change as we age and our physical therapists are also equipped to help people through those transitions. If you’re in pain or experiencing discomfort on a daily basis, it’s time to get set up with one of our physical therapists. If you have an injury from overuse and are unable to complete your daily activities, don’t wait until it gets worse. We can help strengthen your body so your injury can heal properly. Our Washington rehabilitation center is the place where that can happen.

If you need an appointment, feel free to contact us. We can answer any questions you may have about physical therapy, your specific injury, and how we can help you. We offer two convenient locations, so feel free to visit either one and take a look inside. Our therapists are professional and friendly, so you will feel right at home. Our Washington rehabilitation center can accommodate you as soon as you decide to schedule an appointment.

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