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Performance Physical Therapy has proudly provided outpatient physical therapy to the residents of Whatcom County since 1997 when it was established as a general partnership between Brian J. Weeda, Torry Lingbloom, and Eric D. Miller.  These three had a long history of friendship and work together as colleagues.

During the buyout of numerous clinics in Whatcom County in the early and mid 1990’s by national corporations, these three decided to practice therapy a different way – in an environment in which the patient was the most important aspect of the clinic, and not quarterly profits.

The vision also included a practice in which each person’s family and life outside of “the office” was encouraged and viewed with great importance.  Fun is a key component of life.

Performance opened its doors in February of 1997 in Cordata Place and opened a satellite clinic in the Bellingham Athletic Club located on the Guide Meridian.

In January of 1998 Performance Physical Therapy incorporated as a private company.  We continued to grow and the addition of excellent clinicians in the community added to our success.  These included Tracy Norvell (1997), Jamie Hunt (1998), Ted Molaksi (1998), Margo Malone (1998),Angela Beaupain(2003), Laurie Bertsche (2006), Kimberly McBride (2008), Katy Smith (2009), Jamie Clawson Denham (2009), Barbara Karabin (2010) and Kyria Greaves and Joanne Dionne (2013).  We were also blessed with the skills of our front office staff including: Carmen Solar (2000), Jodi Petersen (2003) Punu Metha (2004),Julia Milburn(2005), Karen Rasar (2007), Karen Striker (2007) and Katie Moren (2013).  Our billing department also has Jennifer Herrick (1997), Jenny Kuipers (2009), and Amy Van Werven (2011).  Our clinical assistants include:  Seth Holsinger (2012), Jordan Crim (2013) and Nicole Oaks (2013). We’d be lost without our office managers: Marie Walker (2001)

We moved our Bellingham Athletic Club office to the downtown facility in 1998 and having out grown the Cordata location we opened our corporate headquarters in the Barkley Medical Building (because it’s close to a Starbucks) in July 2000.  Our growth and success depends wholly on our ability to provide a high quality, cost effective service to our clients.  Performance Physical Therapy believes in an innovative and scientific approach to the management, treatment and prevention of Orthopedic & Sports Injuries, Spinal Care, Vestibular Dysfunction, and Women’s Health.

Mission Statement

Fundamental to our success is our commitment to:

  • QUALITY – Our services will meet or exceed all standards of quality. We realize that as our services are viewed, so are we viewed. Excellence and superior performance must be pursued.
  • CLIENT – Client satisfaction is the focus our service. All services will be provided promptly, professionally, and with concern and respect for the individual.
  • PRODUCT – Service is our only product. We are committed to provide the best possible service at every opportunity.
  • FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – We will provide our services in cost effective, efficient manner insuring reasonable fees for our clients and a fair profit for our company.
  • EMPLOYEES – We recognize the importance of our employee’s loyalty and dedication to our success. We are a team. The involvement of our people is the source of our strength and determines the reputation and future viability of our company. Therefore, we are strongly committed to their professional growth and development.
  • COMMUNITY – We will strive to foster a strong relationship with the community we serve.
  • INTEGRITY – We will pursue our objectives in a responsible and ethical manner. Performance Physical Therapy will be recognized for its integrity and its contributions to our profession.

Vision Statement

Performance Physical Therapy is committed to providing our employees with a healthy, positive and dynamic environment in which they can work and grow professionally and personally – thus providing the highest quality care to our patients and to spreading goodwill to the community at large.

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