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Are you recovering from an injury and looking for the best Bellingham physical therapy center to meet your needs? We would like to invite you to come visit the staff at Performance Physical Therapy, where we have been taking care of patients like you since 1977. We practice therapy with a unique philosophy – our patients are always our primary priority and the most important aspect of our business. To put it simply, we focus on people, not on the bottom line.

Our incredible team of physical therapists is exceptionally qualified. Each staff member is well versed in their specific area of care as well as being well rounded in the total outpatient care of clients in general. In additional to the more common services that most Bellingham physical therapy centers would provide, Performance also offers a wide range of more specialty care, including, but not limited to:

bellingham physical therapy center
  • Patients with spine Injuries
  • Patients with orthopedics needs
  • Patients with vestibular needs
  • Patients needing gait analysis/orthotics
  • Patients with ergonomics needs
  • Patients needing golf rehabilitation
  • Patients with arthritis
  • Patients with back pain, neck pain or chronic pain of any kind
  • Patients suffering from dizziness & balance disorders
  • Patients dealing with regular headaches
  • Patients needing incontinence therapy

As you can see from the list above, we are prepared and qualified to meet a range of specific needs. We take patients of all kinds and have been successful in helping people recover from and cope with all of the situations described. Our greatest joy is to see our patients making progress towards returning to an active, healthy lifestyle.

To visit the most trusted Bellingham physical therapy center, simply call Performance today to set up an appointment. Our staff will assess your case and determine the best plan for care for you. We can not wait to see you!

Bellingham Physical Therapy Center

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