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Get Back to Having Fun with the Best of Mt Vernon PT Centers

When you were injured, or discovered that you would be needing surgery, your usual fun probably came to a sudden halt.  Whether it was skiing, gardening, or just being able to walk the dog around the block, everything from the adventurous to the mundane can become a little, or a lot, more challenging.  With all the worries that come along with such an unexpected event, along with the decreased mobility, such a setback is sure to leave anyone feeling down.  So now you have to decide where to turn for the physical therapy you need to get you back on your feet and having fun again.  Between all of the Mt Vernon PT centers, where you can you go to be confident in a positive recovery experience?

Not all Mt Vernon PT centers are going to offer you the same level of personalized care.  At Performance Physical Therapy, though, we are dedicated to the idea that fun is a key component of life.  We want everyone to be able to pursue the things that bring them joy, whether that be a marathon or making a cake.  So, we make sure that this is possible on every level of our practice.  We encourage our therapists to spend time having fun with friends and family, so they are recharged and inspired every day they come into the office.  We find that this practice is hugely effective when it comes to being better physical therapists and better members of our community.

At our two Mt Vernon PT centers, we realize that our only product is service.  As such, we are determined to provide the highest quality care to each patient who comes through our door.  Whether you are coming for an initial consultation or another round of treatment, you can expect to be treated promptly and professionally.  Beyond that, you can be confident that we will treat you as an individual, not just a number; the concern and respect our patients receive from their therapists is just as important to us as the actually physical therapy.

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