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Performance Physical Therapy employees exceptional therapists, who in addition to being well rounded in all areas of outpatient care, also demonstrate areas of specialization.

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Performance Physical Therapy has the ability to combine state of the art equipment with sport specific training principles to not only return athletes to competition, but provide injury prevention and performance enhancement programs. Our sport oriented physical therapists are also Athletic Trainers and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists who offer expertise in dealing with athletes of all levels. Programs are designed based on the patient’s specific goals and vary from bike fittings to golf performance enhancement.


Performance Physical Therapy is proud to consist of physical therapists that have undergone extensive training in principles of spinal and sacroiliac rehabilitation from organizations such as the McKenzie Institute and the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy. Variables that specifically influence the spine, such as strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and neurological status are thoroughly evaluated and addressed as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Postural alignment and body mechanics training are emphasized throughout the rehabilitation process to both facilitate recovery and reduce the likelihood of re-injury.  Over arching everything is the concept that the patient should be involved at every level and participate in self-care.


Performance Physical Therapy offers comprehensive assessment and treatment of any musculoskeletal (muscle, bone or joint) injury that may result in pain and/or movement limitations. From sprains and strains to rehabilitation following surgery, our therapists strive to alleviate pain and restore function.  Many have already achieved the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists certification – Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and other therapists have been certified in various manual therapy programs.

Golf Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention (GRIP)

The golf swing is a complex biomechanical movement that can cause unique injuries.  Successful treatment requires a specialized knowledge of not only the biomechanics but also the kinesiology of the body and the sport. Working with golf pros and based on scientific and medical literature our therapists create a team approach to rehabilitation.  As golfers themselves, they understand the sport and importance of working together to return to activity.  Speak with Ted Molaski at the Barkley Medical office or Brian Weeda at our Bellingham Athletic Club office.


Performance Physical Therapy offers vestibular rehabilitation for patients dealing with dizziness (vertigo), and other various balance dysfunctions. This highly specialized form of therapy includes education for self management techniques, as well as exercises to optimize balance and postural stability.

Gait Analysis and Orthotic Fabrication

Performance Physical Therapy boasts some of Whatcom County’s premier specialists in lower extremity biomechanics. Our therapists have the ability to custom fabricate or custom fit prefabricated orthotics for the treatment of foot, ankle, knee and even spinal pain.  We are runners and walkers ourselves as well and understand the importance of the interplay of the physical with the emotional, mental and spiritual sides of our being.  We work closely with area running shoe stores as well as coaches at the high school and collegiate level to move athletes of all levels back to function.  Our Barkley Medical office even integrates slow motion video analysis of the walking and running cycle to better educate and assess what happens when the foot hits the ground.


Performance Physical Therapy offers ergonomic assessments, performed by skilled Physical Therapists, that identify factors which may contribute to work related injuries. They are then able to offer recommendations to improve the work site and promote optimal employee well being.  With advanced training in industrial rehabilitation and certification through DSI Work Solutions at our Barkley Medical office we can identify job matching and functional capacity evaluations as needed.

Women’s Health

Pain in the back, groin or hips is the most common complaints during pregnancy. This often results from tight or weak muscles and their effect on the joints of an already mobile pelvis. Physical therapy interventions consist of manual therapy to correct positional misalignment, identifying those muscles and prescribing an exercise program to correct them. The woman’s changing posture is evaluated and a customized strengthening and fitness program will be developed. Wrist pain and upper neck and back pain can also be treated.

Incontinence and Constipation

Incontinence is the leaking of urine or feces at the wrong time and place. Most often this occurs when pelvic floor muscles are weak. Constipation can be caused by dietary choices and dehydration as well as incoordination of the pelvic floor muscles. After evaluation by your health care provider, treatment includes evaluation of these muscles and learning how to strengthen and use them to control the leaking. This is effective for both stress incontinence (leaking with coughing, sneezing or jumping) and urge incontinence (having to go so badly you cannot make it to the toilet).

Pre and Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Strengthening the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles before and after any abdominal or gynecologic surgery is an important physical therapy intervention to improve function and mobility after surgery. Special lifting techniques may be needed to allow you to perform your daily activities without stressing your incision. A gentle, effective cardiovascular exercise program can be designed for your unique needs to get you back on your feet more quickly.

Postpartum Rehabilitation

After the baby is born, the process of strengthening stretched muscles and losing weight begins. Often the mother focuses all of her attention on the baby and neglects her own health needs. A comprehensive strengthening, flexibility and fitness program is designed according to the woman’s needs, keeping in mind she does not have much spare time.

Women have unique health problems to face throughout the lifecycle.

Hormonal changes can cause imbalances between muscle groups in the body and ligament laxity. Back pain during pregnancy, leakage of urine or feces with laughing, sneezing or exercising, weak abdominal muscles after pregnancy, pelvic pain, symptoms of fibromyalgia… these problems and others can range from inconvenient to incapacitating.

Now, specialized physical therapists can help you treat these problems. Using exercise and functional techniques tailored to you individual needs, we can help you control your body controlling you.

After your health care practitioner has determined that your condition does not require medical treatment, he or she will give you a referral for physical therapy. Most insurance covers physical therapy services and private pay options are available as well.  These services are offered at our Barkley Medical office under the care of Kim McBride and Tracy Norvell.

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