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Financial Policy

Performance Physical Therapy Financial Policies and Practices


Thank you for choosing Performance Physical Therapy as your preferred provider. We recognize that the financial aspects of health care can be confusing. The Performance team will do its best to help make the process as easy as possible. In order to serve you the best we can, we ask that you review the following policies and practices. 


Financial Responsibility

Performance Physical Therapy is a preferred provider with many insurance companies We bill all contracted insurance carriers, and require your insurance information at, or prior to, the first visit to do so. Copays are due at the time of service; this is an agreement made between the subscriber and the insurance company. Clients with unmet deductibles may contribute a deposit towards the costs of each visit at the time of service. The client is ultimately responsible for the timely payment of any account balance. Statements will be mailed monthly and are due within the time frame noted on the bottom of the statement. We accept payment by cash, check, and most major credit cards. We recognize that clients may occasionally experience financial challenges; if there is a need to discuss a payment plan, please contact our Billing Department 360-770-7025.

Rescheduling appointments: We are happy to reschedule any appointments with at least 48 hours’ advance notice, to help give us time to offer the appointment to another client on our wait list. 

Cancellations: Please provide at least 24 hours’ advance notice to allow us to reschedule you and serve other clients that require an appointment. Cancellations within a 24-hour window are subject to a $60 fee. 

Missed appointments: Failure to attend an appointment, may result in a no-show fee.

New Patient office visit $60.

Established Patient office visit $60.

Collections: Performance will make every effort to work with clients to arrange satisfactory payment of any account balance, however if payment is not received within 90 days of the initial invoice and the office has not been contacted to arrange a payment plan, collection activities will commence. Performance Physical Therapy utilizes the services of an outside collection agency.

Refunds: Performance Physical Therapy will issue any refund due upon discharge from physical therapy services.


Insurance Billing Policy 

Performance Physical Therapy will bill insurance based upon the information provided on the client intake forms. Clients are responsible for notifying our office of any changes with insurance (i.e., payer, group number, member ID, etc.)  in a timely manner. Charges for appointments during any coverage change or lapse will be the client’s responsibility. Clients are responsible for understanding any insurance benefit coverage, limits, requirements, maximums, and for tracking the utilization of such benefits. Please note that benefits quoted by your insurance are not a guarantee of payment.  Performance Physical Therapy will do its best to help determine benefits and eligibility prior to the first appointment, though we make no guarantee that the information is 100% correct. Please be aware that some services provided may not be covered based upon your policy. 

Minor Clients: The parent or guardian is responsible for payment to the account and Service will provided upon consent and signature at the time of the initial evaluation. Copays are due at the time of service or maybe paid in advance in person or by phone.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Physical Therapy is covered with Personal Injury Protection and provided a claim is established and allowed. It is the client’s responsibility to understand the benefits covered. Performance Physical Therapy will continue to bill the Auto Insurance until notification is received that the benefit has been exhausted. At this time the financial responsibility is assumed by the client. If a client has health insurance, this must be provided to the office so that we may have complete information and authorization to bill any further treatment to the health insurance.

Workplace injuries: Claims for workplace injuries are managed by independent entities that hold specific guidelines and requirements. Performance Physical Therapy will bill the covering entity provided the claim has been authorized prior to treatment. Clients may proceed with physical therapy before a claim is open and pay privately for treatment.

Cash Pay Clients: Performance Physical Therapy offers a cash pay option for those without insurance or whom have insurance that we do not accept.  Payment is due on the date of service. 

The initial appointment fee $150 and any follow up appointment $120

Telehealth Clients: Clients are responsible for understanding telehealth benefits provided under their insurance plan. Performance Physical Therapy will do its best to help determine benefits and eligibility prior to the first Telehealth appointment, though we make no guarantee that the information is 100% correct. 

Email Disclosure: Providing Performance Physical Therapy with an email address allows us to share information about the clinic and its services. If a client requests communication via email about any health matter, medical record, appointments, financial information or other personal information, they do so with the understanding that any such electronic communication carries a risk of the release of such information. 


Contact us: Please call with any questions or need for clarification for any of the above information.

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