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P: (360) 714-0870 F: (360) 714-0872 420 Ohio Street, Bellingham, WA 98225
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 “I went in after a calf tear caused a 6+ month Achilles injury that was creating so much pain that I had to stop running, even walking around was painful.

“I went to see Mark Jamantoc and I couldn’t recommend him enough! The healing program was transparent, easy to understand, and I was able to start running again after only a month of PT. Now, 6 months after “graduating” PT, I was able to race my 25k with 5,000ft elevation gain with no calf or achilles issues!

“It’s not just about healing but he took the time to make me understand the ongoing workouts I needed to stay injury free. It wasn’t just about me going to get finished with PT but it was about getting me back to where I needed to be as an athlete. I would recommend this place to anyone!” -Sabrina H.

Sabrina running on a dirt path through a forest.


“Thank you Brian Weeda, Katrina Schwerdtfeger, and all the other staff and aides that were involved in my recovery! These wonderful people helped me during a very challenging time to overcome not only great physical challenges, but mental ones as well. During the low times they gave me hope and helped me to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dim it looked to me. During the highs, they cheered along side of me. I’m so very grateful! I highly recommend Performance Physical Therapy, they know what they are doing and really care about you.” -Odilia B.


“A wonderful team, from the reception to the therapists and assistants.  Mark and Alicia helped get my shoulder back to 100% after a level 3 separation in a mountain bike mishap. They were great about evaluating me,  starting with a progression, and then ramping it up as I made progress. At the end, Mark also helped me realize that I was holding back in my mind, and my body was ready to get back to normal. Highly recommended.”  -Nathan L.


“Performance Physical Therapy provided services at the US Amateur Soccer Association national championships, the Adult Soccer Fest.  I don’t think I could have played in the finals without their great care. They provided fantastic service for all the athletes. Throughout the week their staff were professional, concerned and friendly. The treatment of injuries was first class! Working on muscle pulls, taping, ice, caring for wounds, dealing with head injuries, etc – they were excellent. They provided by far the best service we have ever experienced at this tournament, which has been held for 20 years all over the country.” – Kathy C.

“Mark Jamantoc did a fantastic job working on my knee and ankle post-op. I had a large rock fall on and break both of my legs. Recovery was long and tough but after only 3 weeks with Mark I was able to return to work as a mountain guide almost entirely pain free.” – Parker K.

“The staff is great, friendly and knowledgeable. They call me AND my son by first name. Quite a few times they have fit me in (due to swelling or severe pain). I genuinely feel like Brian cares about his patients, as does his staff.”  – Karli S.


“Brian did a great job of getting me back in the game quickly when I was having a neck issue. He has also been a great supporter of youth athletics in the community.” -Tony L.


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