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P: (360) 714-0870 F: (360) 714-0872 420 Ohio Street, Bellingham, WA 98225
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About Telehealth

We are happy to announce that we are offering Telemedicine virtual appointments for anyone. These appointments are online only, done over video chat from the comfort of your home. Telemedicine appointments are also very similar to regular in office appointments, minus physical contact. Our Physical Therapists can offer complete evaluations, diagnosis of injuries, prescribe limitations and home exercise programs, and more.  We use a program for online appointments that is healthcare approved, so that your appointment and personal information remains secure and protected.

How it works:

  • Give us a call to set up the initial appointment.
  • Start with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer with a good internet connection and a front facing camera.
  • Upon appointment time, your physical therapist will send you a text or email link to our secure video chatting room.
  • Fillable paperwork for initial evaluations is available on our website under the patients and providers tab.
  • Also know that Telemedicine is reimbursed at the same coverage as normal physical therapy, so there are no discrepancies with billing.

Email us at onlinept@performancephysicaltherapy.com for more information or to get the process started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the telehealth option?

If I need consistent, skilled physical therapy but circumstances prevent me from travelling to the clinic (i.e. commute or transportation issues, limited mobility, family responsibilities, health issues.)
It allows me continuity of care and check backs with my therapist between in-person visits (i.e. my work schedule does not allow enough time off to attend frequent appointments, I will be out of town for an extended time frame.)
It is affordable – we offer cash pay packages for those without insurance assistance

Is it easy to work? What if I’m not “tech savvy?”

We use a secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform called doxy.me which makes it as easy as a “click” on link that we will email you prior to your appointment time. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera. For more information, check out the Telehealth Virtual Visits page.

How can my therapist do a thorough evaluation without actually seeing me in person?

Our clinicians have gone through additional telehealth training to allow us to effectively evaluate your movement patterns, range of motion, functional strength and many more measures to determine a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. Once our plan is in place, it is quite easy to demonstrate appropriate exercises to meet your needs, using your own environment and equipment available in your home.

How can I prepare for my telehealth visit?

Have your email with the doxy.me pulled up and ready to check in at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment. Ensure that your camera and audio is on. Ensure your device is connected to a strong internet connection and fully charged (having a charger nearby may be a good idea.) Wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement since you will be asked to move during your session. Create adequate space to allow for movement (depending what we are treating, you may be asked to stand, sit, or lie on the floor.) Have any exercise equipment you possess with you. When necessary, we can tailor your exercise program specifically to the space and equipment that you already have.

We will contact you in advance if we have any special requests that we think will assist in our evaluation process.

Do I still need a referral from my physician?

Some insurances will require a referral. We recommend checking with your specific insurance plan.

Will my insurance cover telehealth?

Many insurances do cover telehealth, and more are being added daily. You will need to call your insurance provider to understand your physical therapy benefits and limitations. Performance Physical Therapy will do its best to help you understand those benefits.

How do I set up my telehealth appointment?

Call us at 360-714-0870, or email us at onlinePT@performancephysicaltherapy.com.